Umpqua Bank | Corporate Training Facility

Umpqua Bank prides themselves on being a premier bank with exceptional customer service. As a result, they wanted a location that functioned as a training center for new employees to learn the Umpqua banking methods before heading out to their designated branch bank. The building contains both permanent administrative offices and seminar space for trainees attending training programs.

Upon first entrance, there is an open lobby with a grand staircase. Just off to the side are two large training rooms and an open two-story training lounge for breaks in between seminars. A conference room and media room/library are adjacent for the convenience of the seminar leaders. Open office space flanks the western side of the building’s first floor, while private offices sit on the eastern corner.

The second floor predominately consists of office space. The eastern corners and inner western sides feature private offices, but the rest of the wings are all open. Two conference rooms sit directly above their downstairs counterpart. A formal courtyard is connected by a canopied bridge, allowing for rest in between training courses or for classes to be held outdoors when weather permits it.

TVA designed a building that looked high-end but didn’t cost the same price, striving for the best construction value. Working collaboratively to get the proper look, materials mirror expensive counterparts. Concrete block masonry mimicked the geometric patterns of actual stonewall, and metal panels clad parts of the façade. A storefront glazing system allowed for tall windows and a modern aesthetic. Etched glass, slate tile, and wood panels helped elevate the interior.

Location: Roseburg. OR