3 New High-Rises Raise Portland’s Skyline featured image

3 New High-Rises Raise Portland’s Skyline

OPB recently covered the three newest high-rises to be built in Portland, and Park Avenue West designed by Bob Thompson, Founder and Principal at…

by April Baer

Portland is growing up. Fast.

The last time we saw a major new office building constructed was in 2000, when the 27-story Fox Tower went up. But as our architecture and urban design columnist-in-residence, Randy Gragg, says, “Get ready: We’re making up for lost time.”

Sixty-two buildings over 100-feet-tall are in the pipeline, and downtown’s largest property owner, the Goodman family, recently floated a speculative proposal for four new towers that could rise as high as 460 feet.

Several key new high-rises are just finishing up, so we asked Gragg to show us around and talk with their architects. We also joined with University of Oregon journalism professor Wes Pope and some of his students to create videos using their very own drones.

Park Avenue West

Robert Thompson, principal | TVA Architects

“As you look to the east, there’s virtually no development,” says Thompson. “It’s almost like there’s this foreground to the building, as you perceive it from the east side. I was thinking very much about how do we make this building as simple and as elegant as we can, and enhance the verticality and the form of it.”