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Shevlin Crossing slideshow image
Shevlin Crossing slideshow image
Shevlin Crossing slideshow image
Shevlin Crossing slideshow image
Shevlin Crossing slideshow image
Shevlin Crossing

Shevlin Crossing

For a developer with roots in the timber industry, a mass-timber structure was the perfect fit for this speculative office project in Central Oregon.

Brooks Resources traces its origins back to the Brooks-Scanlon sawmills of the early 1900s, where it began as a regional lumber company. In 1985 the company began transitioning its focus from timberland to real estate development. Since then, it has played a significant role in shaping Central Oregon by creating some of the region’s most noteworthy developments.

One such development is Shevlin Crossing, located in the sought-after NorthWest Crossing Neighborhood on Bend’s Westside. This project honors the rich timber history of the client and the region by incorporating cross-laminated timber (CLT) and environmentally friendly design principles.

CLT is used for the shear walls, floor, and roof assemblies at Shevlin Crossing, providing structural integrity while exuding the warmth and natural beauty of wood. Additionally, mass timber is highlighted in the lobbies with feature stairs and sculptural benches. The buildings are constructed using a 12’ structural grid of glulam beams and columns, designed to accommodate a wide variety of office setups, ranging from open and flexible spaces to more traditional office layouts.

The construction of the building utilized 10,938 cubic feet of wood products, a quantity that US and Canadian forests can regenerate in just 1 minute. Based on the volume of wood products, it is estimated that approximately 277 metric tons of CO2 are stored in the wood. This is equivalent to the environmental impact of removing 81 cars from the road for a year or providing sufficient energy to sustain 41 homes for a year.

The concept behind this project went beyond merely providing more office space in Bend, it was about offering a type of space that is in short supply—office space that promotes new ways of working, a relationship to the outdoors, a notion of health and wellness. The design of the two-story buildings focuses on maximizing natural light, fresh air, and flexible indoor and outdoor workspaces. The strategic use of mass timber, operable windows, and glazed roll-up doors seamlessly integrates the interior with the exterior surroundings.

Taylor Brooks LLC
Bend, OR
Building A 20,144 Sq ft and Building B 27,428 Sq ft
Tim Wybenga, Zach Pennell, Spencer Russell, Elisa Rocha, Erin Brouillette, Allyson Oar, John Gonzales