Drivers Club

Drivers Club is designed to be the Seattle area’s preeminent secure storage option for luxury vehicles. Two separate buildings on one site come together to offer optimal amenities for members. The largest and most prominent of the two consists of 41,000 sq. ft. of refined warehouse space and a 3,000 sq. ft. luxury clubhouse. The members’ clubhouse includes a lounge, driving simulators, meeting spaces, and an expansive outdoor terrace. Whether members are looking to host social events, attend special showcases or vendor presentations, or just grab a drink and relax, the clubhouse is configured to accommodate a large variety of functions. A concierge service is also available and ensures that vehicles are ready to hit the road whenever owners desire some leisure time.

The second building on the Drivers Club site provides nearly 18,000 sq. ft. of space for auto washing and detailing, cosmetic modifications, and vinyl protection film and other graphics. This one-story, L-shaped building sits adjacent to the main building and will function as an amenity to both Drivers Club members and the public.

The buildings are clad in a pattern of light and dark grey, ribbed metal panels. A composition of asymmetrical fenestration and irregular panel width adds a dynamic quality to the long, clean façade; the variations also express speed and precision. The elevated clubhouse portion of the facility stands prominently in front of the one-story warehouse space; clad distinctly in light grey ribbed and silver smooth metal panels with rich wood accents, it aesthetically assimilates with the rest of the building while still differentiating functions.