Harvard West DHS Offices

Working as a collaborative partner with both the project developer, Innovare Consulting, and government officials for the State of Oregon, TVA assisted the Oregon Department of Human Services to create a facility that combines the offices for Child Welfare, Aging and People with Disabilities, and the Self-Sufficiency Program in one location. Co-locating these three distinct agencies required coordination of similar administrative functions, as well as provisions for specific programmatic needs that were distinct from each other. A comprehensive programming phase was incorporated into the design process.

The administrative building includes three separate, ground-floor lobbies for client intake services, each with distinct entry points and reception stations, all given special consideration for security and privacy. The building was designed with client care, staff efficiency, and lean design as guiding principles. Spaces have been designed to allow staff to observe parents and children in a supervised setting. Interview rooms and family visitation lounges are provided as well to facilitate the department’s needs. Spaces for staff to train parents in ways to adequately care for children are also incorporated.

Secure elevator and stair access to the upper floors is dedicated for staff. On these levels, administrative functions are carried out in primarily open office environments, with some enclosed, private offices. Access to natural light, clear circulation corridors, and good distribution of office amenities, such as coffee stations and wellness rooms, was critical.