Memorial Coliseum

TVA’s development submission was selected by the City of Portland among a shortlist of three (from nearly 100 proposals), to develop the MARC proposal for adaptively reusing Portland’s iconic Memorial Coliseum. The MARC will house the New Memorial Coliseum, an entirely new, 6,500-seat arena, along with more than 200,000 square feet of top quality community recreation, athletic training, and competition facilities in what will be North America’s largest and most comprehensive center for sports events, athletics and training.

The MARC was to be the home for the Portland Winterhawks hockey club, PSU men’s and women’s basketball and Oregon high school championships in wrestling, dance and drill, cheerleading, swimming, basketball and volleyball. It was to serve children and families, recreational athletes and be a headquarters for athletes with Olympic aspirations. It would be a public facility that is accessible to all and a destination for athletes throughout the United States and abroad. From national caliber swimming competitions, to basketball and volleyball tournaments, this landmark facility will have the ability to host a vast array of amateur athletic competitions.

TVA Architects developed a proposal for the redevelopment of the historic Memorial Coliseum into a multi-purpose community athletic and recreation venue. The proposal is based on developing an innovative design that is composed of a mix of program uses that is highly desirable to the public and sports organizations, as well as being financially feasible.

The design is intended to reuse the existing shell with minor modifications while completely re-imagining the internal workings of the buildings. Intended to host a broad range of activities the proposal calls for 4 levels of differing program that harmoniously interact through vertical relationships.