Nike | Bridges

Acting as gateways that create strong visual portals of controlled views into the Nike World Campus, four bridges have been designed to carry runners over major vehicular entries onto the campus. Excavated material from the creation of the 10 acre Nike Lake was used to create a perimeter berm around the campus in an effort to visually reduce the impact of the two million square foot campus. It was Nike’s desire to create a two-mile running trail throughout the campus where runners and walkers would never interact with cars. Connecting the berms, the bridges span the entry/exit roadways and frame a dynamic, controlled view into the campus.

Each bridge is uniquely designed to express the importance and use of the particular entry it is framing. They are designed to express a simple elegance in both form and material that is layered with an element of tension and strength and speaks to sports and the ideals that shape the philosophy of the company.