Nike | Asia-Pacific HQ, Shanghai

This serves as a new centralized campus for Nike employees and aids in research and development efforts wthin the region. The campus consists of a nine-story, 240,000 sq. ft. office building and a five-story, 260,000 sq. ft. multi-purpose conference center. In addition to commercial buildings, there’s a soccer pitch, regulation-size indoor basketball court, and fitness facility. The campus also has a full-service food and beverage facility and a stand-alone conference center that seats 1,200 for large-scale events or product unveilings. Situated on a former airfield facility, it is adjacent to a 33-acre ecological park reserve—unique to Shanghai—and all of its components have been designed to LEED Gold standards.

The conference center is a central component of the Shanghai Campus, supporting a wide breadth of services. Main mail services/deliveries, shipping centers, and receiving centers are situated on the ground floor. It houses the main dining areas and food service components as well, which also serve the adjacent nine-story office building. The dining seats 350 people, and lunch is provided in two shitfs to serve all employees. Smaller private dining rooms are also located on the second floor (with a separate food prep area), seating a total of 120 people. Coffee bar and lounge seating areas also provided on this level.

The second and fourth floors hold 16 multi-purpose conference rooms, averaging 3,500 sq. ft. each. The third floor is the main divisible conference room, which can seat 1,200 people and connects to a 2,000 sq. ft. outdoor terrace. The fifth floor contains eight smaller, 16-person conference rooms and a hoteling area for traveling employees and guests; four 2,000 sq. ft. conference rooms are also located on this floor.