Nike | Stringer Child Development Center

Designed by TVA Architects in 2008, The C. Vivian Stringer Early Childhood Learning Center provides an enriching and exploratory environment for up to 320 children. Located directly adjacent to a natural wetland the building exemplifies a commitment to learning through experience. With features including interactive rain water bio-infiltration, solar power, visible denim batt insulation, recycled shoe play areas, and natural daylight all clearly expressed to the children, the daily rhythm of learning is directly linked to the function of the building.

As a facility for a variety of ages, a pod based approach was taken to ensure appropriate delineation between older and younger students. This approach also enabled all classroom spaces to be surrounded by visually dynamic outdoor space, and natural light. Care was taken to ensure child safety and indoor air quality by using all FSC-certified wood and natural materials. The Stringer Early Childhood Learning Center provides a dynamic and engaging space for children to learn and grow through experience and exploration.