Ochoco Hangar

Located at the Hillsboro Airport, this contemporary aircraft hangar provides both administrative functions and maintenance facilities to house the owner’s private fleet of planes. The facility is capable of storing three, full-size business jets and is designed to showcase the planes, which are each graphically unique. Tall glass windows provide visibility into the main hangar, as well as glimpses of the aircraft from the road beyond. Dark-grey ribbed metal and smooth white composite panels articulate the main structure with a roof form that was inspired by a jet’s wing shape. The entire structure sits on an elevated stone podium, which has been planted with native grasses and deciduous trees. Secure parking just off the access drive is bordered by heavy plantings and is articulated by a bold, yellow, operable gate that glides open on a hidden track.

The main entrance leads into a passenger waiting area where both owner and guests can comfortably relax before their flights. The interior—including furniture, artwork, and graphics—is inspired by the owner’s affinity for the University of Oregon. Directly off the main lobby are private offices for pilots and open workstations for mechanics and other flight staff, furnished with custom, walnut veneer casework. A large conference room and communal kitchen have oversized steel windows, allowing visibility into the main hangar and the jets.