Nike | World HQ

TVA was responsible for the campus planning, architecture, and interior design of the Nike World Headquarters campus (Phases I and II). The campus architecture seamlessly integrates with the company’s brand and corporate image and has been the backdrop for countless special events, sporting events, and feature films. Its iconic aesthetic has served to be a substantial component for the Fortune 500 Company’s recruitment and retention efforts for both athletes and employees alike. Upon completion, the campus was recognized by BOMA as “International Corporate Campus of the Year” and named by ESPN as the eighth most important sports venue in the United States.

Having completed 23 buildings of varying sizes and functions, TVA’s design of the Nike World Headquarters totals over 1.5 million sq. ft. on 225 acres. Far more than a collection of office buildings, the campus provides all the programmatic spaces necessary to sustain the company, from product development through sales and marketing. The buildings include work environments; conference and meeting rooms; auditoriums for public and sales staff presentations; a campus union with a cafeteria, employee store, and deli; a fully-equipped athletic center; a child development center; and a 750-seat theatre.