Trillium Children’s Farm Home

This ground-up building provides 16 private beds in a single story-inpatient clinic for adolescents. The first building of this phased plan integrates with existing facilities, but also brings a fresh presence to the campus. Future phases will complement the placement of Phase I in order to create an integrated campus quad. The proposed environment needed to feel warm and welcoming, while remaining durable and secure. Staff, patients, and facilities groups were all consulted to help define a building that met the physical and emotional needs of the youth, while keeping staff safe and efficient. Construction details and product selections were vital in designing a secure environment. Views through skylights and clerestory windows are used extensively, connecting patients with nature.

Patient divisibility and space redundancy built into the symmetrical layout was central to the facilities design. The use of operable partitions and the eight-bed pod allows units to be scaled down to four-bed units with their own “living room,” or left open where all 16 patients can occupy one “day room.” This kind of scalability is crucial in responding to myriad situations. The layout also encourages staff to be out with the patients, offering opportunity for positive staff/patient interactions.

The building massing uses traditional vernacular forms, with a contemporary twist, to enclose and identify each eight-bed pod. Common areas, staff areas, and classrooms join the sleeping pods around an enclosed secure courtyard. The exterior palette is a modern play on the farm home aesthetic, with rich cedar siding, warm metallic cladding, and bright accent colors. Careful consideration was given to existing oak, redwood, and sequoia trees.