University of Oregon | Matthew Knight Arena

The arena embodies a world-class “theatre for basketball” that respectfully acknowledges Mac Court’s historic contributions (the former basketball arena), while addressing present-day needs for safety and modern amenities. The facility accommodates a growing community from the surrounding Eugene area and will allow increased flexibility for non-basketball events, such as concerts and family shows. Complementing each other in design, the arena and the alumni center work together to form a new gateway to the campus. This provides a first impression of the school’s distinct identity and core values of progressive thinking, education, and environmental stewardship.

The careful juxtaposition of these projects has resulted in a series of energetic, richly detailed, and highly-appealing spaces that have become integral to the campus. They also accommodate a broad range of campus circulation requirements and strike a balance between the need for spaces that are designed for a sudden influx of thousands of people but also for times with minimal activity. The arena offers spaces that can be scaled, furnished, and textured to be appealing and functional spaces for the use of the rest of the UO community.