Ankeny Plaza Pavilion

Waterfront Park at Southwest Ankeny Street is a vital urban space in the heart of Portland’s historic city center. The market podium and pavilion in the plaza is home to the city’s renowned arts and crafts Saturday Market. This complex civic project created a large, highly adaptable facility to house and shelter the open-air market while retaining its outdoor appeal and providing easy accessibility to the public. The design is a simple, elegant solution that provides 204 market booths and creates an iconic symbol for the market.

The new home for the market in the park served as a catalyst for revitalizing the adjacent Skidmore-Old Town Historic District, reconnecting that district to the river while creating a new public gathering space. The resulting design successfully balances the wide variety of desired programs, upgrades existing park features and seawall, and introduces an overwater overlook. Interactive water play fountains, a market podium and pavilion, and a storm water garden resolve continuity issues within the park and create visual linkages between the city grid, Ankeny Plaza, and the riverfront.