Zoom+Care | Clinic hero imageZoom+Care | Clinic hero image
Zoom+Care | Clinic slideshow image
Zoom+Care | Clinic slideshow image
Zoom+Care | Clinic slideshow image
Zoom+Care | Clinic slideshow image
Zoom+Care | Clinic

Zoom+Care | Clinic

Every aspect of a Zoom+Care clinic tells a story.

Chosen by Fast Company as a finalist in the Health category of its prestigious 2016 Innovation by Design Awards, Zoom+Care is an innovator of on-demand healthcare and responsible for many retail firsts. The company built the first mobile online scheduler, created the innovative neighborhood retail format, and offered convenient office hours 365 days a year. Rethinking the physical user experience of primary care, the clinic is conceived less as a medical facility and more like some place you would want to visit.

Having initially worked closely with Zoom+Care’s in-house design team to refine the branded elements and further define how the functional components of the clinics are used, TVA is now in a period of facilitating the rollout of multiple locations throughout Oregon and Washington. Each clinic contains several UCR’s or Universal Care Rooms, designed minimally but efficiently detailed to provide all necessary medical components. A signature lab sink outside the UCR’s is a branded component that symbolizes hygiene and cleanliness, and serves as the clinic’s “hearth.” Wherever possible, natural light and wood finishes augment the user experience. The signature ‘+’ wall anchors the clinic check-in area, and serves as the most visible component of the brand experience.

Oregon + Washington
1,500 - 3,000 sq ft
Pam Saftler, Erin Brouillette