The Women’s Center

The Women’s Center, is a 27,480 square foot facility that is home to two primary tenants; Asante’s Women’s Imaging Center and The Women’s Health Center of Southern Oregon. The project features materials that emphasize both beauty and durability, while utilizing local materials to connect the building with the surrounding environment. Local stone and wood products are featured throughout the building and natural light is brought deep into the building by transoms, skylights, and clerestory windows.

TVA was responsible for and managed the land-use review hearing and received unanimous approval from City Planning Commission. Sustainable water retention strategies were introduced to the jurisdiction with on-site water treatment before introducing storm water back into the river. A Pattern Language based building code required appeals to redefine and interpret code nomenclature to describe and apply to modern building design. TVA achieved and exceeded necessary appeals for existing code, with no exceptions from City inspectors or State Department of Health Services.

The Women’s Center utilizes a high efficiency heating and air conditioning system reducing energy consumption by more than 18% over the required state energy code. Storm water runoff from the roof and parking lot are directed to an on-site swale vegetated with regional plants. The Women’s Center utilizes highly efficient plumbing fixtures to reduce water usage. This includes toilets, faucets and low flow sprinklers for landscaping.